Thursday, August 13, 2015


                                 Here's some summer fashioin inspo for you. I just love white.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


It is so hard in this day and age to feel good and confident. Meeting someone who is truly comfortable with who they are is so rare- when I find people like that I am so drawn to them and want to ask them what there secret is. "How are you so confident?!" I think however happy and content we are with ourselves, we will still always have those days where were extra emotional and feeling pretty down about ourselves. For those of us who struggle with insecurities and self worth, I wanted to share a few tips that have helped me personally to feel more comfortable and happy. 

1. It Doesn't Matter!
     I think this is the most important point I can make..It doesn't matter what size jeans you wear, what color your hair is, how strong you are, how many friends you have, where you shop, what you look like, what you have accomplished, or how outgoing you are..None of these things matter. Whether it is superficial thing like clothing, or a great goal like getting a promotion, none of it matters. I've met women who were absolutely stunning and I was so jealous of them but when they opened up to me, I realized they were just as insecure and unhappy as I was! The first time I realized this I was so shocked. I thought "Wow! She has everything I can she still be unhappy and uncomfortable with herself?" What should this tell you? It's all a heart issue. Whether you have everything or nothing, happiness and confidence comes from inside of you. It's a constant battle..but it's always a choice.

2. Social Media and Comparison.

     Stay away from social media! Crazy notion...I know. I'm not saying to delete all those apps and throw away your laptop. But I've realized that the more people I follow on Instagram the more insecure I become. I start to compare myself to all these women. I have actually found myself wanting things I didn't want before, and even disliking...dare I say hating the things about myself that I used to love! 

3. Judging.

     We often get so upset at others for judging us and making comments about our own life. And I agree- it is VERY frustrating! But have you ever stopped to think if you're doing the same thing? Maybe you're not gossiping or make mean comments left and right, but when you fill up your mind with concerns and judgments on how everyone else is living and how they look, you aren't much better than the gossipers and the "judgers". I don't mean to point fingers- I'm guilty too! But next time a thought pops in your head about someone else that maybe isn't rude- but isn't uplifting, make it a good thought! Disregard it and pick out something you like or enjoy about that person.. Pretty soon that positivity will surround your thoughts and you will feel better not only about others, but about yourself as well! It will be more natural for you to pick something you like about yourself vs. something you're unhappy with.

4. Focus on the Good Things.

    I've found that I feel my very most beautiful when I'm doing something good. When I'm laughing with my nephew, decorating and making dinner for my family..doing devotions and praying..going on walks and being in nature. Insert whatever it is you like to do here and I'm sure you'll realize you felt beautiful while doing that! Beauty is not limited to lipstick and heels. While that's fun and makes you feel pretty..Beauty is an essence and it is more sustaining than anything you put on your body can do for you. Following your passions and feeling alive is more beautiful to me than anything else. Those who live life to the fullest and love unconditionally are the most stunning and beautiful people I have ever met.