Friday, May 29, 2015

Tired but Proud

Feeling really proud of myself...and also uber stressed at the same time. I'm almost finished with school and my job. I can't believe I managed to do all of this and be busy from 7:00 in the morning till 8:00 at night, when 4 months ago I could barely make it out of bed a good part of the time. I also ran a huge distance today which is so huge for me... I'm just feeling really thankful that I've had good enough health to do the important things and to be able to feel proud of myself again... There's definitely been some set backs and disappointments, but I'm still alive and finishing this chapter pretty strong- praise God!:)

   I'm really excited to share some other news with you all...I'll try to share/post later this weekend. :)

Monday, May 25, 2015


Hello lovelies! I apologize for disappearing for so long. I started college again a few months ago and am working and have been very stressed! But I have many things to write about now and some awesome things to share! :)

I just have time for a brief check in today, but I also have a question for you all.I went to a new doctor and got a lot of blood tests done. One of them came back and told me that I tested negative for Celiac disease. I was bummed to find this out because I really want to know what is causing me to have such bad stomach pain every time I eat. I don't eat any of the things I know upset me ( Gluten, coffee, dairy, oats, quinoa, beans etc...) But I'm still in pain. I'm starting a new diet today and eating as raw as I can and cutting out all processed and sugar products. hoping this will help m to feel better. Do any of you suffer from this? Any suggestions?