Monday, May 25, 2015


Hello lovelies! I apologize for disappearing for so long. I started college again a few months ago and am working and have been very stressed! But I have many things to write about now and some awesome things to share! :)

I just have time for a brief check in today, but I also have a question for you all.I went to a new doctor and got a lot of blood tests done. One of them came back and told me that I tested negative for Celiac disease. I was bummed to find this out because I really want to know what is causing me to have such bad stomach pain every time I eat. I don't eat any of the things I know upset me ( Gluten, coffee, dairy, oats, quinoa, beans etc...) But I'm still in pain. I'm starting a new diet today and eating as raw as I can and cutting out all processed and sugar products. hoping this will help m to feel better. Do any of you suffer from this? Any suggestions?

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