Tuesday, November 25, 2014

L'oreal Mascara Review

Hello all you lovelies! Today...I want to talk to you about mascara! I personally think that mascara shopping is one of the most frustrating things to shop for (besides jeans). It's so hard to find one you like and inevitably when you do find one, they will discontinue it! As I posted before, I was totally in love with the VS mascara, but since it is no longer sold, I tried the L'oreal Butterfly mascara.

It works pretty well I must say. The wand takes a little getting used to. It has wing like shapes on it and is a little awkward to use. But it make each individual lash stand out which is nice. I wouldn't use this if you want to layer on thick or get really thick looking lashes, but if you want long thinner lashes, which I personally prefer, this is a good buy. :)

Here is a pic with just one layer of mascara. (keep in mind I naturally have like, no lashes!)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Me Time

 I just got home from work and decided to do a little pampering before I have to start packing and getting ready for travel and Thanksgiving. I grabbed my facial, candles, bubble bath, and lotions to do a little pamper session. :)
 I hope you all have the blessing of spending this holiday with your family and friends!

Friday, November 21, 2014


     This made me giggle because it's exactly what I do haha! On my way to the gym now, hope you're all having a healthy and joyous week!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sensitive Skin- Product Review

I'm really excited for this post because ever since I was old enough to use products and start really taking care of myself, I have struggled with finding products that didn't seriously irritate my skin! It can be very frustrating and sometimes you just want to boycott shaving and lotions all together..But I hope this list of tips and products will help make your product shopping a little less stressful!

The first area I want to talk about is shaving. Because really, who likes hairy legs? My skin can get so sensitive and irritated that I honestly cannot shave for a whole week because it is so painful! You end up feeling like an alpaca or that your legs have suddenly turned into hairy sand paper. Yuck. There are a few different options for you poor souls who are unable to have the satisfaction of having soft smooth legs.

Number one tip: Hydration is key! Lotion up those legs every chance you get! Try to put on lotion when you get up and when you go to bed (and definitely after shaving).  The only lotion I've found that works for my sensitive legs is Trader Joe's Moisturizing cream extra dry formula.

Second Tip: Use scrub gloves before taking a shower to remove all the dry skin on body. This is supposedly helpful in removing cellulite, but I've had no such luck. It does however, help to remove dry skin and help the skin to feel fresh and smooth.

Third Tip: No shaving cream! Even the cream for "sensitive skin." That's a load of liiiessss. It made my legs burn so bad- no matter what kind I tried. I suggest getting unscented natural soap from and natural brand. (Trader Joe's has a nice selection.) Or you can make a lovely concoction of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and sugar. Just make it into whatever consistency you like and it will honestly make your legs SO smooth!! You can add essential oils too it as well to make it smell nice. Just put it on in the shower or bath, wash it off, and then shave. Caution: It makes your shower super slick so be careful!

Fourth Tip: A product I found recently and absolutely love is called Franks Body Scrub. Ohmuhgoodness. I love it so much. I also love the packaging and cheeky messages on it. Frank and I have become good friends. It is an all natural coffee scrub and it smells really great and honestly leaves your skin feeling so nice! This can also be used in place of a shaving cream. I often apply this and let it sit on my skin for as long as I can manage, and then rinse it off and shave. It is supposed to help with cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, acne, and scarring! That's a long list, but I completely believe it! You can find their products here: https://frankbody.com/
If you get a chance, check out their Instagram before and after pics- they are amazing. I saw a lot of posts from mommies who used this during pregnancy and after they had their baby and it eliminated all or most stretch marks! Definitely using this when baby time comes.
..... I put lots of hearts around it because I really love it. Like a lot....

I hope this post is helpful for all of you and that you'll venture out and try these products. They truly are the best I've been able to find and I hope they work for all of you as well. :) I'll be posting more about tips for sensitive skin so stay tuned!

New Skin Care Product Review

I have a friend who just started selling a product called Nerium. She asked me to try it for five days to see how I like it. Five days is definitely not enough time to see real results with nearly any product, but it is certainly enough time to see how you like it!

 It is supposed to dramatically reduce the appearance of Skin discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and aging or lose skin. Here is the link to the website.

Because I am only 19, I obviously don't have any issues or concerns about wrinkles. But I do struggle with what I consider to be large pores and acne. I am going to include before and after pictures so you can get a feel for my type of skin and what the product did. I didn't notice much difference in the actual appearance of my skin, but to be fair, I did only use it for 6 days. I did, however, notice that my skin felt smooth and refreshed. This product does run on the pricey side. ( $70.00-180.00 depending on how large a set you buy, and where you buy it from.) My overall feeling about the product is that, while I only used it for a week, it did not give me the most fantastic results, and for the amount of money it is, I would go for a cheaper product that has the same ability to make my skin feel nice.
 Have any of you tried this product? If so write your experience in the comments below! :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

When The Bad Days Come

Those struggling with anxiety or depression will understand this well, but for those of you who don't- please continue to read! That you might better understand what your loved ones may be feeling when the Bad Days come.

Depression follows no schedule and is different for every one. For me, it can come whenever, but I find it will almost always come after I have experienced something that is emotionally draining. I don't mean a break up or some stressful and sad situation- though that most likely will bring a bad mood too. I mean a birthday party, thanksgiving, meeting up with an old friend..whatever brings me particular joy I find as soon as it is over, or maybe part way through, my body says " Okay! You have used up your limit of happy emotions. Now you're going to feel sadness...or nothing at all." In a way I've come to dread happy moments because nearly every time, a depression filled day or week will follow.

 I had a wonderful birthday party this weekend. A lot of my best friends were there and my family too. I had so much fun being with every one and I was feeling really good..But on cue, my mood has plummeted and I just want to be alone and sleep for as long as possible.

When the bad days come you feel exhausted, like you just worked a 15 hour shift. Your body is so tired it's hard to get anything done. In my mind, there are two different types or stages of depression. The first is intense sadness. Everything brings you sadness and you can't find joy in anything. You just dwell on dark or sad things and there are a lot of tears.

The other is worse..You don't feel anything. You don't feel joy or sadness, or pain or loss. Your mood is grey. You want to sleep to escape it..or you want something really good or bad to happen so you can form some kind of emotional reaction inside yourself. But even then, you probably wouldn't feel anything. Those are the scary moments. Because you don't care about yourself or what happens. You don't care to eat or shower, and there is no motivation for anything. These moments are more rare than the first type, for me any way, but I dread them.

The best advise I can give any one who struggles with these bad days, or for any one who knows someone who struggles with this, is first of all Prayer. God created our bodies and He knows everything we are experiencing. In my darkest hours, it is my knowledge of Him that keeps me going.. The second is to not let yourself be alone for too long- or at all. You don't want any one around. You want to sleep, or sit beside your bed and stare at the wall, not thinking about anything at all.. But just to have someone there to watch a movie with, or to hold you for a little while makes such a huge difference. Their presence offers a sense of security, when every thing else seems to crumble.

If you are trying to help those struggling with this, as I said, the best thing you can do is pray, or be there for them. But never try to force them to talk or to explain how they're feeling. These are questions better asked when the day or moment has passed and they have strength again. Forcing them to talk will cause them to close off more internally and adds unneeded stress. Just offer your presence and if they open it up to talking, then you can.

I hope this helps any one struggling to understand the "Bad Days" or helps those who already know the feeling to know that they are not alone.

                                                         I love me a good winter maxi!

Body Shaming.

Body Shaming

Along with the last few posts themes.. I wanted to talk about body shaming. In our attempt to make curvy or larger women feel comfortable in their own skin, (Which I agree- they should feel beautiful and amazing!) we have created an underlying hate towards skinny or smaller women. Body shaming is directed at those weighing 80 pounds, and those weighing 400 pounds.

 No matter your weight, no matter your size, You Are Beautiful! Not all weights are healthy, but all bodies are beautiful. God created us in such beautiful designs. Some prefer muscle, other curves, and others, the thigh gap. No matter your size, your only reason for being what you are should be love and health. If you love your body and the love fuels you to take care of it- whether that takes you to a size 14 or a size 2, it is a wonderful life you will lead. Beauty and joy surrounding! But don't think that you are creating a better society by hating on "skinny women". All you are doing is making a population of women feel worse about themselves. And the same to women who weigh more. You're shaming them in no way shows them how to love their bodies. We should come together and create a society where we fuel each other with love and encouragement. Shaming will never be the answer for anything on this earth.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


My Reflections for the day....

You don't need bigger boobs.
You don't need a bigger butt.
You don't need a smaller waist.
You don't need longer hair.
Bigger lips.
Smaller lips.
Softer skin.
Longer legs.
Less wrinkles.
More freckles.
Less freckles.
Straighter hair.
Curlier hair.
Tanner skin.
Lighter Skin.
Smaller feet.
Bigger feet.
Longer lashes.
Bluer eyes.

You need none of this. In case you haven't noticed- You are beautiful. You don't need a man to tell you, and you don't need society to accept you. You and your very being is a miracle, and that is beautiful.

 You were hand crafted in your mothers womb and the All Powerful King of this universe stopped what He was doing, and traced the outline of your figure. He numbered the hairs on your head and colored your skin. He kissed the freckles to your face and blew breath into your lungs. He hummed your giggle and kissed your smile.  Carved the lines in your palm and tapped your heart to beat. You are a miracle. You are made in His image and you are beauty.

Society has told you that your worth is in your seductive nature and ability to allure. Sex is your name and your body is your offering. If you cannot tempt them, you have nothing left. You are designed to flaunt and to give. Seek attention and sell yourself. Accept being degraded and give what they want. Let your smile, laugh, hips, walk, stature, conversation, fingers, all allure them.

This is not you, and this is most certainly not your offering! More than your beautiful image, truly unique and designed, you have drive and passion. You have love and hope. A creative spirit and a love of life. If you had nothing at all, but breath in your lungs, you would be a beautiful life.

I think of the nude photos just published of Kim Kardashian and hurt for the beauty they crushed. She has not lost her worth and is still a wonderful creation. But They stole her innocence and she has seemingly bought into the lie that her body is all she has to offer, and she Must offer it to all!

I pray God gives me the wisdom to raise daughters who will delight in their beauty. I pray they will not see the celebrities such as the Kardashians and seek after their "Hollywood Pretty". They will be breath-takingly beautiful. But I pray I can teach them that they are beautiful images of their Creator and that He  breathed life and spirit in them-spirit to love and to seek adventure and to hope and to laugh and to lift up those around them. I will tell them everyday that they are beautiful- in all the different ways they live. Not only for their face or their dress. Because they will always be so much more than that.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This picture just makes me happy. I hope you're all having a fabulous day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fabulous Me Time

        Sometimes you just need a little pick me up. Sometimes it's because you've gained a few extra pounds, you're really stressed, or you haven't had any time for yourself, or maybe you just want a little pampering! No matter your reason- I think all women are entitled to feeling fabulous all the time!
         I wanted to share a few tips  that help me when I'm not feeling top notch!

1.) Draw a bath and go to town on it! Play some music, light some candles, and use as much bubbles as you fancy.

2.) Make some tea, grab your favorite magazine or book, and a little treat to snack on while you read. I like to put on a facial while I do this since I"m just sitting and then I can have lovely feeling skin afterwards.

3.) Get all dolled up and go out with your girlfriends! If none of them are able to make it, then find something to do on your own. You only need one to party;) Put on your favorite outfit, do you makeup, and go for a walk, or my favorite, go shopping. Just get out and enjoy yourself!

4.) Ask your honey to take you out. Let's be honest, we feel the most beautiful when we're with them!

5.) Make your favorite dinner, turn up some romantic music, and pour a glass of wine. It will relax you and what is greater than your favorite meal?

6.) Without fail, a mani and pedi always make me feel fabulous! If money or time is tight and you can't go get a professional one, turn on your favorite chick flick, put on your cute pj's and do your nails yourself.

                                Hope these tips bring you back to your fabulous feeling self! ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Letting Yourself Fail

This last year life has truly changed for me in just about every way. I graduated high school, started a new job, started dating the love of my life, and had my circle of friends drastically change. I was also diagnosed with Lyme Disease and with that I've had to reevaluate my outlook on life. Ever since I was young, I've always been very strict with my self, especially when it came to my health and fitness. I'll admit I had times where I was a bit obsessive and it was more about how I looked vs. taking care of myself and caring for my body. I would never miss a single day of working out even if I was sick, and was very very strict on what I ate.

 But then within the last year my migraines and headaches become worse and more frequent, I became so tired and unmotivated and everything started to fall apart. Everything felt like such a big task and my already struggle with anxiety and depression became worse, which meant my obsession with having everything perfect was not maintained and that made me even more depressed and stressed.
With time though I've learned to let go a little bit and be okay with what might be imperfections. I gained a considerable amount of weight and I don't keep things in order like I used too. This was very hard at first, but I've learned that taking care of yourself is always number one and you need to listen to your body. I got sick this week and am currently sitting in my bed at 11:00 pm and eating my favorite bad treat (chocolate covered sunflower seeds) and am not stressing out that I haven't worked out in a week, or that I haven't eaten perfectly. I'm just thankful that I'm able to take the time to let myself heal. I hate having this body that feels so broken sometimes and with my health being so poor it can get very frustrating, but there is always a lesson and blessing that can be found. I think one blessing I may find through this is to simply learn to Let Go, and to love myself where I am and not where I could be in a few weeks or next year. We are all beautiful miracles everyday!

DIY Skincare

I'm a huge believer of doing at home skin care because of the harsh ingredients found in most beauty products. I found this on Pinterest and am going to try it in the morning. I'll keep you all posted on how it works! Wish me luck ;)