Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fabulous Me Time

        Sometimes you just need a little pick me up. Sometimes it's because you've gained a few extra pounds, you're really stressed, or you haven't had any time for yourself, or maybe you just want a little pampering! No matter your reason- I think all women are entitled to feeling fabulous all the time!
         I wanted to share a few tips  that help me when I'm not feeling top notch!

1.) Draw a bath and go to town on it! Play some music, light some candles, and use as much bubbles as you fancy.

2.) Make some tea, grab your favorite magazine or book, and a little treat to snack on while you read. I like to put on a facial while I do this since I"m just sitting and then I can have lovely feeling skin afterwards.

3.) Get all dolled up and go out with your girlfriends! If none of them are able to make it, then find something to do on your own. You only need one to party;) Put on your favorite outfit, do you makeup, and go for a walk, or my favorite, go shopping. Just get out and enjoy yourself!

4.) Ask your honey to take you out. Let's be honest, we feel the most beautiful when we're with them!

5.) Make your favorite dinner, turn up some romantic music, and pour a glass of wine. It will relax you and what is greater than your favorite meal?

6.) Without fail, a mani and pedi always make me feel fabulous! If money or time is tight and you can't go get a professional one, turn on your favorite chick flick, put on your cute pj's and do your nails yourself.

                                Hope these tips bring you back to your fabulous feeling self! ;)

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