Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sensitive Skin- Product Review

I'm really excited for this post because ever since I was old enough to use products and start really taking care of myself, I have struggled with finding products that didn't seriously irritate my skin! It can be very frustrating and sometimes you just want to boycott shaving and lotions all together..But I hope this list of tips and products will help make your product shopping a little less stressful!

The first area I want to talk about is shaving. Because really, who likes hairy legs? My skin can get so sensitive and irritated that I honestly cannot shave for a whole week because it is so painful! You end up feeling like an alpaca or that your legs have suddenly turned into hairy sand paper. Yuck. There are a few different options for you poor souls who are unable to have the satisfaction of having soft smooth legs.

Number one tip: Hydration is key! Lotion up those legs every chance you get! Try to put on lotion when you get up and when you go to bed (and definitely after shaving).  The only lotion I've found that works for my sensitive legs is Trader Joe's Moisturizing cream extra dry formula.

Second Tip: Use scrub gloves before taking a shower to remove all the dry skin on body. This is supposedly helpful in removing cellulite, but I've had no such luck. It does however, help to remove dry skin and help the skin to feel fresh and smooth.

Third Tip: No shaving cream! Even the cream for "sensitive skin." That's a load of liiiessss. It made my legs burn so bad- no matter what kind I tried. I suggest getting unscented natural soap from and natural brand. (Trader Joe's has a nice selection.) Or you can make a lovely concoction of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and sugar. Just make it into whatever consistency you like and it will honestly make your legs SO smooth!! You can add essential oils too it as well to make it smell nice. Just put it on in the shower or bath, wash it off, and then shave. Caution: It makes your shower super slick so be careful!

Fourth Tip: A product I found recently and absolutely love is called Franks Body Scrub. Ohmuhgoodness. I love it so much. I also love the packaging and cheeky messages on it. Frank and I have become good friends. It is an all natural coffee scrub and it smells really great and honestly leaves your skin feeling so nice! This can also be used in place of a shaving cream. I often apply this and let it sit on my skin for as long as I can manage, and then rinse it off and shave. It is supposed to help with cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, acne, and scarring! That's a long list, but I completely believe it! You can find their products here: https://frankbody.com/
If you get a chance, check out their Instagram before and after pics- they are amazing. I saw a lot of posts from mommies who used this during pregnancy and after they had their baby and it eliminated all or most stretch marks! Definitely using this when baby time comes.
..... I put lots of hearts around it because I really love it. Like a lot....

I hope this post is helpful for all of you and that you'll venture out and try these products. They truly are the best I've been able to find and I hope they work for all of you as well. :) I'll be posting more about tips for sensitive skin so stay tuned!

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