Thursday, November 13, 2014


My Reflections for the day....

You don't need bigger boobs.
You don't need a bigger butt.
You don't need a smaller waist.
You don't need longer hair.
Bigger lips.
Smaller lips.
Softer skin.
Longer legs.
Less wrinkles.
More freckles.
Less freckles.
Straighter hair.
Curlier hair.
Tanner skin.
Lighter Skin.
Smaller feet.
Bigger feet.
Longer lashes.
Bluer eyes.

You need none of this. In case you haven't noticed- You are beautiful. You don't need a man to tell you, and you don't need society to accept you. You and your very being is a miracle, and that is beautiful.

 You were hand crafted in your mothers womb and the All Powerful King of this universe stopped what He was doing, and traced the outline of your figure. He numbered the hairs on your head and colored your skin. He kissed the freckles to your face and blew breath into your lungs. He hummed your giggle and kissed your smile.  Carved the lines in your palm and tapped your heart to beat. You are a miracle. You are made in His image and you are beauty.

Society has told you that your worth is in your seductive nature and ability to allure. Sex is your name and your body is your offering. If you cannot tempt them, you have nothing left. You are designed to flaunt and to give. Seek attention and sell yourself. Accept being degraded and give what they want. Let your smile, laugh, hips, walk, stature, conversation, fingers, all allure them.

This is not you, and this is most certainly not your offering! More than your beautiful image, truly unique and designed, you have drive and passion. You have love and hope. A creative spirit and a love of life. If you had nothing at all, but breath in your lungs, you would be a beautiful life.

I think of the nude photos just published of Kim Kardashian and hurt for the beauty they crushed. She has not lost her worth and is still a wonderful creation. But They stole her innocence and she has seemingly bought into the lie that her body is all she has to offer, and she Must offer it to all!

I pray God gives me the wisdom to raise daughters who will delight in their beauty. I pray they will not see the celebrities such as the Kardashians and seek after their "Hollywood Pretty". They will be breath-takingly beautiful. But I pray I can teach them that they are beautiful images of their Creator and that He  breathed life and spirit in them-spirit to love and to seek adventure and to hope and to laugh and to lift up those around them. I will tell them everyday that they are beautiful- in all the different ways they live. Not only for their face or their dress. Because they will always be so much more than that.


  1. I love this post and I am loving your blog, Sarah! I just found it today and it is so encouraging and fun. Please keep writing here, the world (and I) need more of what you are sharing :)

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel!! I'm so so glad that you like it and are encouraged. I felt silly for a while writing to- what seemed to be myself. But it's getting a lot better! Love you so much!