Monday, November 17, 2014

Body Shaming.

Body Shaming

Along with the last few posts themes.. I wanted to talk about body shaming. In our attempt to make curvy or larger women feel comfortable in their own skin, (Which I agree- they should feel beautiful and amazing!) we have created an underlying hate towards skinny or smaller women. Body shaming is directed at those weighing 80 pounds, and those weighing 400 pounds.

 No matter your weight, no matter your size, You Are Beautiful! Not all weights are healthy, but all bodies are beautiful. God created us in such beautiful designs. Some prefer muscle, other curves, and others, the thigh gap. No matter your size, your only reason for being what you are should be love and health. If you love your body and the love fuels you to take care of it- whether that takes you to a size 14 or a size 2, it is a wonderful life you will lead. Beauty and joy surrounding! But don't think that you are creating a better society by hating on "skinny women". All you are doing is making a population of women feel worse about themselves. And the same to women who weigh more. You're shaming them in no way shows them how to love their bodies. We should come together and create a society where we fuel each other with love and encouragement. Shaming will never be the answer for anything on this earth.

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