Friday, December 12, 2014

Pushing Through

If you have lymes, a mental illness, or any other kind of disease, I imagine you will have good days and bad days. There is still a little uncertainty as to what is actually wrong with my body and every doctor tells me something different. But no matter what, I still feel the same. My mind and body is plagued by constant fatigue and moodiness and inability to handle simple emotions. This can be incredibly frustrating! As I'm sure many of you have experienced.

Sometimes a week will go by where you are unable to get out of bed or do anything productive, like cleaning your room or working out, or even doing simple things to take care of yourself. So when a day comes when you have energy or you feel happy you want to accomplish everything and go see everyone!

It can be frustrating when this "feel good" time only last a few hours or a few days, but I've been trying to realize that even that is a huge blessing! In feeling crummy, you are given the appreciation of good things or moments. Through dark moments, and times of uncertainty or poor health, you are still a live and breathing. And you are a miracle! I am a miracle! No matter how alone you are or feel, there will always be someone who cares for you, someone who gave His life up for you. In your darkest moments and times of weakness, rest in His promises.

You have the power to take an overwhelming situation and overcome. I don't mean to say that you can just "choose" to be happy and things will be better. Those who truly struggle with depression know that is not possible. But pushing through and overcoming gives you strength and when the cloud has passed, you will feel joy over your accomplishments. No matter how many days are filled with pain or darkness, light will always follow, and joy will always triumph. You are more valuable than you could ever know, and it's okay to remind yourself of that.


  1. It's nice to read someone who totally"gets" depression. I wish you didn't (have depression), but you are handling it so bravely and with a positivity that I admire. Keep inspiring, Sarah, your light shines bright! *

  2. I agree, Rachel. It is refreshing to read things like this. Keep pushing and relishing those moments of brightness, Sarah!