Sunday, October 26, 2014

Guilt Tripping

Theres only a few of you on here following, but if there were many,I'd still want to share with you all the serious and personal things. I always want this blog to be about even more than fashion or beauty tips, I want it to be somewhere were everyone can find encouragement, or to see that someone else is struggling and they're not alone.

I've realized this past year that I have the unhealthy tendency to pour all possible guilt on myself when I mess up- whether the mistake is big or small. It leaves me feeling pretty crummy and beyond that, I feel completely alone. Because in those moments I believe the lie that I am beyond my God Given Grace. I feel like I've created an unbreakable wall between me and my very best friend. Which will never be.. How inconsequential is one mistake to a God who loves unconditionally? It's so inconsequential that the moment you sincerely ask for forgiveness, God has no memory of the Huge or Tiny mistake you made. All He sees when He looks at you is His most beloved and pure daughter. I hope I can remember this begin to dwell in His love and promise instead of sitting in agony over my mistakes. Praying this over each of my followers as well <3

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  1. Beautifully written, precious Sarah! I am so proud of you!