Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mascara Review

Currently mourning the loss of Victoria's Secret makeup. I don't know if they stopped selling it at every store, or just the one I go to, but they don't sell my favorite mascaras any more! Finding a mascara is not like finding a good eye shadow or a cute shirt. Finding The mascara that works for you is like falling in love with chocolate for the first time, or waking up in a field of flowers with a harp playing and bunnies frolicking around. Victoria's had the best.. the best two I've ever tried.. Even though they were a little pricey they were definitely worth it! Now I'm searching through the vast world of eye lash tubes trying to find a replacement.

First one is a no go. Maybelline Pumped Up Mascara. The brush is too small and it coats all my bottom lashes without me even putting the wand directly on them and I end up have crunchy looking lashes on both my upper and bottom lashes. It also gets flakey within a few hours which is never fun.


  1. Perhaps try some from L'Oreal Paris. Their prices are good and they have some, in my opinion that are as good as their other company Lancome.

  2. Ooo thanks for the tip! I haven't used much of their products at all.